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Grooming Tips for Your Favorite Animal Pal

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Grooming our pets is good for the furry and scaly friends in our lives and can be quite fun for us as well. They enjoy the attention and we get some warm and fuzzy feelings…and lots of hairballs from the experience. There are simple ways to de-fur and primp our sweet buddies without spending too much of our hard-earned cash. And to earn some more money on the side, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via สมัครแทงบอลออนไลน์.

Here are some simple tips to keep the hide on your favorite companion in tip-top shape and don’t require a trip to the groomers or vet unless needed:


Cats, no matter their coat length, need regular brushing by you to avoid those naughty hairballs that end up on your living room floor and under your foot. Brushes that have fine teeth will pick up the extra hair our cats swallow when cleaning themselves. It varies by breed; Persians need extra grooming because of their fine hairs, but Maine Coons do not, as much, because they have an undercoat. Cleaning your cat’s ears is an important part of grooming.


Unless you own a poodle that needs a fancy clipping, or perhaps an Afghan Hound, you can brush your dog at home without stressing them with a trip to the doggie salon. Like cats, a brush with fine teeth is recommended for long hair, though…keep in mind that though that not all dog hair is the same. To avoid excessive shedding, brush your dog a few times a week no matter the breed. Many professional groomers now offer mobile visits to your home. Don’t forget nail trims.


You can groom your iguana with a small tub and nail trimming. Snakes are easy to keep clean with the same type of small misting system and cleansing with a soft towel if needed. It will relieve itchy or dry skin, especially if a snake is shedding.


Who doesn’t love gerbils, rats, and mice? They’re cuddly and fun. The little critters get mites and itchy skin just like all other pets. The key to keeping their coats happy is wetting a soft cloth and running it over their bodies twice a week which cuts down on dry skin and mites.

A simple few minutes a day grooming our favorite friends will not only improve the happiness of their lives but ours as well. A well-groomed pet is a healthy pet.

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