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Grooming, Fashion Tips for Men – from a Woman’s Point of View

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Gone are the days when grooming and fashion were only for women. Good grooming and fashion habits can go a long way when it comes to attracting the female population. Young men seem to have a much better handle on this than middle aged and older men. Earn the money and take care of yourself by playing simple and interactive betting games at สมัครยูฟ่าเบท. Following are some grooming and fashion tips for men that would be much appreciated by women:

  1. Hair. Many men don’t seem to realize that their hair is something that women most definitely take notice of. Going to a local barber shop and paying $10 for a bad haircut once every three or four months just doesn’t cut it. Go to a salon and get a good haircut. Loosen up your wallets for the sake of taking pride in your appearance. Women do and are charged a higher rate simply because they are women (even though that makes no sense). And many men seem to think that gray hair is unattractive on women, yet is completely acceptable on their own heads. Trust me men, it looks just as bad on you as it does on us. Make an effort. Cover up the gray.
  2. Fingernails. You don’t have to paint them. You don’t have to get a manicure (although that would be nice). But for goodness sake, at least keep them cut short and clean. There is no more of a turn off than a man with long, dirty fingernails. We’re thinking — don’t touch!
  3. Clothes. Wearing the same couple of shirts and couple of jeans over and over is not acceptable. Spend some time shopping, spend some money, and build up some sort of a wardrobe. Take pride in your outer appearance. Believe me, we notice when men just don’t care how they look. And not liking to shop is a lame excuse.

These tips are not meant to sound superficial. These are basic grooming and fashion tips. Women definitely notice when men make an effort towards this end. When no effort is made, we also notice, and tend to lose interest quickly. 

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