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Best Grooming Tools for Pets

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Giving our pets love is easy, but grooming them can be hard! From finding the best brush to choosing the safest nail clipper, navigating the grooming aisle at the local pet store can become quite challenging. So here are some top picks from pet owners just like you. Earn the money and get your pet the best grooming tools for your pet. Play simple and interactive betting games at https://gbcity-w.com/.

Brushes for Dogs

My Milo was a Jack Russell Terrier and he shed like the wind. Tumbleweeds of hair followed him around like Pigpen from the Peanuts comics. I tried numerous brushes through the years, but only two reigned supreme. The Furminator was hands down the best brush for us. Painless and easy to use, the Furminator grabbed the most hair I had ever seen from my sweet boy and offered the best results. Second choice was the simple ‘Love Glove’ grooming mitt which can be found in most pet stores. A silicone hand mitt with little nubby ends to act as a brush, the hand mitt also provides a soothing massage for your furry friend during the process.

Brushes for Cats

Cat fur can collect in every crack and crevice of your home if you let it. Brushing your cat helps keep this under control, and the Love Glove for cats is a nice alternative to a regular cat brush. Also highly recommended is a dual sided brush. One side helps to tame the shedding and one side helps to keep the coat shiny. Now if you can just get your cat to sit still long enough to try it!

Cleansing Cloths for Cats and Dogs

If your dog or cat is in need of ‘freshening,’ try some simple cleansing wipes like these from Nature’s Miracle. Almost like a dry bath for your pet, these wipes can give a quick cleanse and remove small odors when needed. Also highly recommended are eye cloths for dogs with teary eyes. These wipes are a gentle way to remove the goo without discomforting your pet. They are also available for ears and teeth for both dogs and cats.

Nail Clippers for Dogs

I don’t know about your cuddly canine, but mine loathed nail cutting. We used to bribe him with pretzels just to get the job done. And we tried a number of different nail clippers, but all of them terrified him (including the battery operated one that claimed it would ‘shave’ down the nails- that one didn’t work for us). Our favorite was just a basic nail clipper, which was quick and accurate every time.

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