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Potty Train Your Dog with These Eight Easy Tips

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Getting a new dog can be an exciting time for your family, but the stress of potty training your dog can seem overwhelming. Whether your dog is a puppy that needs to be taught everything, or an adult dog that needs some reminders, here are eight tips that can make house training your dog go smoother.

  1. First we’ll start with a do not. When your dog does go in the house, do no rub your dog’s nose in it or yell at your dog. He will not associate the punishment for with the behavior. You want your dog happy to go outside, not afraid while being inside.
  2. Of course, it’s good to correct the dog if you catch her in the act. If you see her squat down on your carpet, make a loud whooping noise to startle her. This should stop her long enough for you to take her outside, which leads to tip number three.
  3. Praise your dog when he does go outside like you want him to. Praise him like he has just found the answer to world peace. Dogs, not unlike people, love to be praised. A yummy treat from your pocket would also be appreciated. Follow this up with number four.


  1. Don’t usher your dog back inside as soon as she does her business. Let her play for a little while afterwards. Otherwise she will learn that it is better to not go right away and she will play and dally beforehand.
  2. Dogs need structure in their lives. When taking your dog outside, always use the same door. That way they know where they need to be to alert you to their need.
  3. Because dogs need structure, use one word consistently to tell your dog what to do. Whatever word you choose is fine; just be sure to keep using the same one. Saying “out” or “potty” everyday will get you more results than saying “Why don’t you go outside.”
  4. What is the best way to put all these tips into action? Keep your dog attached to you with a leash while inside the house. It might seem like a hassle at first, but it allows you to correct your dog instantly and might save you days of having to clean up afterwards.
  5. Finally, consider crate training your dog. Dogs won’t want to soil their dens. Remember that the crate should be a place where a dog wants to spend time and not a punishment.

Apply these tips and house train your dog with less hassle and both you and your dog should be happier. Good luck! And in order to provide the best care for your fur babies, you might want to consider playing some fun 토토사이트 online.

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