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Vet spots her unlikely pet come running toward her – her reaction is melting thousands of hearts

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I really believe that to be a vet you have to be a special kind of person. Not only should you be an animal lover but also be able to handle the stress of operating on such delicate creatures.

Unlike us humans, animals can’t tell the vet where they hurt or their symptoms so vets have to be so intuitive as well as skilled medical professionals.

Whatever it takes we’re grateful to them for saving our fur babies. And if you are looking for extra funds to take good care of your fur babies, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via soungleสล็อตPG.

Watching this clip which was posted on Facebook made my day as a vet is having so much fun with the unlikeliest of companions.

The video has already gone viral and when you see it you’ll understand why as it’s sure to light up your day.

Gepostet von Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center am Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

Vet Erin Dryden not only spends her days helping to save animals’ lives at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texas but has found the cutest companion to help her in the process.

Since Erin adopted Ursula the lamb at birth, the pair share a close bond, and all of the other staff members love seeing the happy little lamb following Erin around during the workday.

Dancing duo

Ursula seems to be the perfect stress reliever and helps put a smile on everyone’s face.

When a colleague spots the adorable duo coming down the corridor dancing and jumping he has to hit the record button and I’m so glad he did!

Ursula and Nina doing a photo shoot with the Longview News-Journal. Taking advantage of their new found fame.

Gepostet von Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center am Mittwoch, 6. März 2019

The lamb and the lady’s cute dance at the Texas clinic is now melting thousands of hearts online, and after watching it I can understand why.

Gepostet von Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center am Samstag, 23. Februar 2019

See for yourself in the clip below and enjoy the adorable show!

I could watch this all day! Please share the clip to spread some sunshine to your friends and family on Facebook today.

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