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Types Of Sports Guide Articles


Sports Guide makes sports programming easy. You can easily see what games are being played today and this week via 검증사이트. This allows you to focus on what is important to your guests.

A straight-lead is a simple summary of the game’s results, including quotes from players and coaches. It’s a basic form of sportswriting.

Game description

The SportsTV Guide provides a comprehensive list of all games playing on your televisions in a format that is easy to read. You’ll find everything in the Guide, from international games to PPVs and Internet-only streams to pro and college games. Plus, it works with all devices and operating systems. For quick reference, keep a copy at your entertainment station, hostess’ stand or behind the bar. You can also embed the Guide on your website and promote it to your guests! A link to your custom Guide is emailed to you daily, so there’s no need for your staff to memorize another log-in. Works for locations with up to two program providers.


No more fumbling with clunky TV guides on screen or flipping through newspaper to find out what is on.

Feature or profile

A profile or feature article requires more time and reporting than a typical description of a game. They focus on a single individual or topic, such as an up-and-coming athlete or the influence of a coach. The score is usually not revealed until the very end of these stories, because readers want to know more about the people who are involved in the sport. A good feature or profile story should tell the reader a story they won’t find anywhere else.

Season preview or wrap-up

This type of article will give you the information you need, whether you are looking forward to a new season or you want an overview of a previous game season. Season previews are a way to highlight your expectations and attitudes for the upcoming season. Wrap-ups, on the other hand, discuss how a season went as a whole.

Customized to your location and program providers, Sports Guide makes it easy to see what games are on for tonight, tomorrow, or a future date range. View your Guide according to time or sport, and filter out channels and sports you don’t care about.

Soft news

Soft news is a story that does not deal with serious issues like crime, war, or natural disasters. This genre of journalism focuses on topics such as celebrity gossip, human interest stories and entertainment news. It uses a lot of techniques from fiction. Soft news is not subjected to the same level scrutiny as hard-news stories, and can be more opinionated. These articles are typically shorter and can focus on specific aspects of a sport, such as player interviews or rules changes.

Historically, journalists have been expected to provide hard news only, while soft news was considered less important. In recent years, however, the balance of power has shifted in the opposite direction. The 24-hour news channels have increased competition and led viewers to become more receptive to negativity. The media has also been influenced by the popularity of reality television shows and online news feeds.

Soft news has also blurred the lines between entertainment and information. This trend has contributed to the development of a new form of news called “infotainment,” which combines information with entertainment.

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