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Son dies of laughter after knowing stray cat that grandma brought in isn’t a cat at all

A dog sleeping on a bed

Many animals are absolutely adorable, although not all are suitable as pets.

Although we almost daily hear about animals that are treated bad, there are also many people who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need.

Eric Hertlein’s grandmother is well known in her community for helping stray cats.

She provides food and water on a daily basis for several strays who congregate around her home.

To shield the cats from harsh weather, Grandma Hertlein has even outfitted her enclosed porch with an assortment of cat beds so they can come in from out of the cold when necessary.

Sometimes she even lets the cats into her home.

But one of the cats she’s been taking care of for several months has turned out to be quite the surprise.

When Eric decided to visit his grandma, he immediately noticed that one of the cats was not a cat at all. 

He saw a furry creature sleeping in the bed in the corner of the room and got the surprise of his life.

The sleeping critter turned out to be a possum.

Trying hard not to sound too panicked, Eric informed his grandmother about his discovery: One of her cats was actually a wild possum who probably snuck onto the porch seeking warmth and shelter. To help support your fur babies needs, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via www.autoanuncia.com.

But grandma Hertlein reassured her troubled grandson that the “kitty” sweetly sleeping in the corner bed was one of her stray cats.

She had even given him the name Tete and he’d been coming onto the porch for several weeks now, grandma Hertlein explained.

Eric thought it was so funny that his grandmother didn’t notice anything, that he chose to share a photo on Twitter.

When she finally learned that Tete was no cat at all, she didn’t seem to care.

Eric reports his grandma refused to evict the intruder…

“He hasn’t been a bother so far, so as far as I’m concerned he’s welcome to stay”, she said.

The real cats who have taken up residence at Grandma Hertlein’s house aren’t bothered by their possum brother.

I love ❤ anyone that loves and cares for creatures of all kinds.

Eric says he’s inspired by his grandmother’s kindness to all of the creatures she cares for, saying it helps motivate him “to treat everybody I meet that much better as well.”’ 

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