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Husky was raised with cats – now she thinks she’s a cat

Tally is not a regular dog. She grew up with several cats — and never realized that she is actually a dog.

Tally’s owner shared his unusual dog on Reddit, and the photos of Tally quickly went viral.

Can you see what’s so unique about her?

Tally’s owner adopted her when she was 2 years old. Her owner explained that Tally had grown up with cats.

It’s difficult to ignore that she shows a little “cat-like” behavior…


For example, Tally usually lies with her front legs curled under her body, just like a cat.


Of course, she also loves to crawl into boxes!


When she gets into a box, she likes to stay there for a long time and peek out through the opening.


Tally’s owner says that she is a mixed breed of Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and probably another breed or two. And, of course — cat!


Tally’s current owner adopted her when she was two years old. Since she arrived at her new home, she hasn’t been around any cats.

The owner is convinced she misses them.


Tally is an unusually quiet dog and never barks. Instead, she likes to lie quietly and observe the people around her. Just like a cat. This is especially unusual as Huskies and Malamutes tend to be very vocal dogs.


Tally is such a cute dog! It certainly looks like she grew up with cats.

Do you know a dog that behaves the same way? Or, do you know of a cat who thinks it’s a dog?

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