This cat dad refuses to leave the mother’s side before birth – see his reaction when the kittens arrive

When a mama cat has kittens, she can be very protective of the little ones and may not allow anyone to come close. But this cat had no problem allowing the kittens’ father to be there when they were born.

The two cats have a very affectionate relationship and love to lie close and cuddle. But how would the new dad react to a bunch of kittens who would demand all of Mom’s attention?

This proud cat is just minutes away from becoming a daddy. His true love is about to give birth.

Dad waits quietly at her side and is ready to help her if needed.


Mom is comfortable in her bed and the kittens are coming very soon. Always considerate, Dad cleans her coat just before the birth.


It’s not long before the kittens are born. The four tiny kittens are happy and content with their mother.


And how did Dad react?

With love, of course.


He greeted the kittens with open arms and immediately accepted them as part of the family.


They all cuddle together in bed, and when Mom needs a break, he’s happy to snuggle the babies for her.


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